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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation is the method of resolving disputes or claims between individuals or companies.
Generally, this is the process for resolving public and private legal disputes on civil matters through negotiation, mediation or through the courts.
A Civil Action will often include the following steps unless it is brought to an early conclusion:
1. Pre-commencement of proceedings.
Here we can analyse what you are trying to achieve. We will advise you on the route we consider will lead to the cost efficient solution you are looking for. The issue of proceedings should be considered a last resort.
2. Commencement of the action.
We will draft the relevant papers and be responsible for lodging them at a County Court or High Court.
3. Interim Matters.
Once the matter has been issued at court it is usual for a strict timetable of events to be given. This timetable will need to be complied with and we will work with you to ensure these steps are taken and will advise you on the best approach.
4. Trial.
If the matter has still not been resolved the parties must then prepare for trial. We will aid you in getting ready for trial, be responsible for organising your representation at court and will further advise you of any costs consequences that may result. The general rule is the loser pays the winner's costs.
5. Post-Trial.
A party who is successful at trial will often be awarded damages and/or costs. We can help you investigate the most appropriate methods available to enforce the judgement and take the necessary steps involved.

Commercial Litigation

We offer a wide range of services and advice to our commercial clients. Particular areas where you may need the assistance of a Solicitor will often include:
•Debt Recovery
•Terminating business tenancies
•Forfeiting a residential/commercial lease
•Lease extensions
•Collective enfranchisement
•Disputes which may lead to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal


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