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Whether you are selling or buying property you will need a Conveyancing Solicitor when your offer has been accepted. We will deal with all aspects of your case to help ensure a smooth and stress free transaction.

Conveyancing when buying
Buying a property is an exciting time. Once you have found your ideal property you will be eager to get through all the paperwork and move in as quickly as possible. To do this, you'll need to make sure you have the right professionals working for you. Our expert knowledge will be the key to a fast and efficient transaction. Choosing the right conveyancing practice could mean the difference between moving in or losing out on your dream    property.
Whatever your situation GTC Law will ensure smooth, end-to-end conveyancing work with regular updates and two-way communication, leaving you free to concentrate on the more enjoyable parts of moving.

Conveyancing when selling
As someone selling a property, you will want to find a buyer as quickly as possible and get the best sale price you can. However, accepting an offer is only the beginning of the transaction. Making sure the sale goes ahead smoothly is extremely important and can mean the difference between a broken chain and a successful sale. Using a trusted and well-established conveyancing practice can help your sale go through quickly and efficiently. GTC Law’s conveyancing specialists will focus on your needs and provide a highly professional and dedicated service.

How we can help you:
At GTC Law we appreciate that a home move can be a thousand times less stressful if you use a good conveyancing company. The legal work can often be one of the most common reasons for moving delays and we know that timing is everything when there's a chain involved. We offer you:

On line case tracking 24/7
Competitive Legal Fees – no hidden charges
No need to visit our offices
A specialist, friendly and efficient service

Once you have contacted us by email or telephone for a free no obligation quotation, a member of our new business team will contact you by telephone within 24 hours to discuss our conveyancing quote and your requirements and explain the legal aspects of your transaction in detail.

Should you decide to proceed, we will take all necessary details from you over the telephone and, ask you to complete and return an Instruction Form which we will email to you

Your conveyancer will write to you within 48 hours confirming instructions to act and provide you with a user name and password so you may access your online case tracking facility
Thereafter you simply log in to our online case tracking system to view your transaction status
Once instructed your conveyancer will start work on your transaction immediately;

Our Fast Track Service:

Your Sale Fast Tracked - We will issue a contract within 48 hours of your finding a buyer, Sellers usually don’t realise that when they have agreed a sale it can often take two to three weeks before their lawyer is able to send a contract to their buyer’s lawyer. With our unique Fast Track service, we begin work the moment you instruct your estate agent to place your property on the market.
With our Fast Track service conveyancing, we assign your property to a dedicated team of property lawyers and start work immediately. This means that when you find a buyer, we can issue a contract straight away. This will help cut out any frustrating or unnecessary delays. We aim to save you valuable time at a critical and sensitive stage, helping to reduce the risk of your buyer losing interest due to legal delays.

Your Purchase Fast Tracked - we will open your file and start work straight away, so that as soon as we have details of the Estate Agent we will contact them for your seller’s solicitors information and will request the contract within 48 hours of your finding a property.

Once you have instructed us, you can choose to keep track of the progress of your transaction by logging on to our website, by receiving regular email update reports or text alert messages, or a combination of all three – whichever suits you best.

Our innovative service:
By embracing new technology we are able to accelerate what is normally a slow process. We use a state of the art conveyancing case management system. This enables our clients to monitor their transaction in real time and receive mobile phone updates immediately. We try to deal with all communications by email to help expedite matters.

Our partnership with your Estate Agent and Housing Association:
Our Teams will work closely with your Estate Agent and Housing Association by communicating with them regularly at important stages of the transaction to ensure quick exchanges and stress free transactions.  It is a known fact that the faster you exchange the less risk there is of the sale falling through.






















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