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The housing association will ask you to attend a financial interview to establish the share you are able to purchase. We can recommend an Independent Financial Advisor who is a specialist in arranging finance for this type of purchase. Once this is established you will need to complete an application form and return it to the housing association that will check to see if you qualify. The housing association will let you know if your application has been accepted but may sometimes contact you for additional information.
STAIRCASING EXPLAINED [your way up the property ladder]
If you currently share the ownership of your home with a Housing Association, you may wish to buy another share of your property or even buy it outright. This is called staircasing. You can agree with the housing association a percentage to staircase to - for example to increase the percentage you own from 50% to 75%, or you may buy all of the outstanding shares to own 100%. Please note that some leases do not allow you to purchase all the shares in your home. Please check with your Housing Association for confirmation.

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