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How we can help

We can:

Consider if you need a Will at all
Take instructions on what you want your Will to do and then examine in detail whether what you want is possible, practical, the likely consequences and alternative solutions
Draw up your Will putting into effect your particular wishes after taking into account the above
Discuss and test your capacity to make a Will
Advise on possible claims and challenges to the Will
Advise on the selection of executors, trustees and guardians for minor children
Agree to be appointed as your executors
Advise you on the current inheritance Tax liability
Suggest ways that you can reduce or avoid this liability and the possible benefits and disadvantages of each method
Advise on trusts in the Will for spouses, minor children, adult children under and over 25, persons under a disability and tax efficient trusts 
Help to locate a missing Will, or take the necessary steps to prove that all reasonable efforts have been made to locate the Will.
Determining who are the appropriate persons to be appointed as the Administrators if there is no Will.


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